Brooklyn J S


Please follow the directions below.

  1. See the event board to
    Get your ticket and tell your friends
  2. Nothing to do but
    Wait patiently
  3. Make your way to our awesome venue,
    61 Local on Bergen St.
  4. Maybe come early and geek out for some
  5. Open the gray door in back, and
    Walk upstairs
  6. Grab a seat in time for the
    Introduction and kickoff
  7. Groove to the accordian/trumpet/spoons stylings of
    Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen
  8. Spelunk the hidden APIs of the Gray Lady, with
    Michael Donohoe
  9. Use WebRTC to create cooperative gifs, like
    Dan Ordille
  10. Use computer vision to cheat at FlapMMO, a la
    Dan Phiffer
  11. Make standalone node.js apps, just like
    Lucas Hrabovsky
  12. Wind down with the
  13. Round-trip downstairs to the bar to get some
    Local craft beer / soda
  14. Geek out with your boroughmates during
    The beer.js social hour(s)