Our Code of Conduct

At BrooklynJS all attendees, sponsors, speaker, volunteers and staff are required to follow the JSConf Code of Conduct. We take our Code of Conduct very seriously and it will be enforced by organizers during throughout Boroughgramming, the main BrooklynJS event, and during our post-event drinks Bevera.js.

Need Help?

If at any point you need help or to report a Code of Conduct violation please use one of the following methods to contact us as quickly as possible.

Find an Event Staff

Text Message

If you send a text message to 1 (518) BKJS-COC a pseudo-anonymous alert will ping all organizers in a private Slack channel. While we can find out the number that texted us through the Twilio logs in the event of an emergency, if you would like for us to contact you back quickly please include the best way to contact you in your message.

This text message notifier is a fork of the WaffleJS notifier.


We keep the @brooklyn_js direct messages open to allow anyone to reach out to us. This Twitter account is maintained by Jasmine, Jenna, Mariko, & Justin.


Feel free to send us an email with any questions or concerns to organizers@brooklynjs.com. This email is maintained by Jasmine, Jenna, Mariko, & Justin and while it is checked frequently it is not recommended as a contact method in the event of an emergency.